Stropex is a Polish
company creating innovative
construction solutions

Together, since 1991 Stropex

Since 1991, we have been working so as to meet growing demands of customers and anticipate market’s needs. Stropex is a family company. For many years, together we have created solutions for residential construction and public buildings. We know how it feels when an idea and a dream become a reality. When creating a new product, we discuss, dispute, redefine original ideas, but we never agree to compromise on quality matters.

We are aware of our clients’ needs – it is because we need the same: convenient, easy to install, and most of all – successful solutions guaranteeing a lot of warmth and light in the interiors and being also economical and durable for many years to come. We are familiar with economical and ecological construction trends. Construction of energy-efficient buildings is not only a market demand, but also a need of the times we live in. We are not afraid of innovations, because we know that only searching for new ways results in discoveries of new lands. We like what we do. We use the best raw materials available on the market during the whole production process. We apply our own, modern technology implemented under ‘’POIG Project – Action 4.4’’, basing on submitted patent applications P.385221 and patented machine P.384551. We own a certificate allowing us to mark the products with safety mark. We have implemented Factory Production Control and we have ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate. We have also launched a Research & Development Department. Because of such approach, we offer products of very good quality, and thanks to the production volumes – we can sell them at competitive prices. Moreover, we have our own transport base providing delivery to all our clients.

Important dates:

    1991 – Stropex Company formation in Fabianów
    2003 – Relocation of production plant from Fabianów to Pleszew
    2005 – Implementation of Rim-lintel Profiles in the production
    2008 – Implementation of Factory Production Control, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate
    2009 – Implementation of own technology under ‘’POIG Project – Action 4.4’’
    2010 – Implenentation of KZN Lintel in the production
    2012 – Implementation of KSP Formwork Dowstand Beam in the production
    2015 – Implementation and start of EMO System elements production
    2016 – Obtaining an Institute of Buliding Technology Recommendation for Thermo-frame System
    2017 – Obtaining an Institute of Buliding Technology Recommendation for Thermo-panel System

Awards and Honours